Alicia’s tamales’s main ingredients are generosity, celebration, authenticity and great taste. Her home style, carefully crafted recipes are performed by a well trained team, whose precise and well orchestrated cooking procedures elevate a simple, traditional Mayan meal.


Refine the logo as well as create a packaging system that will stand out on shelf next to traditional, in a sea of “traditional” tamales brands.


Alicia’s brand is rooted in cultural tradition and the personality of its founder.

To stand out on shelf, Olio imagined an allegoric figure that would represents both the founder’s generous personality, and the idea of a celebration.

The graphics are a modern interpretation of the recipe’s traditional Mexican background.

The packaging design includes a generous amount of white negative space to stand out among more traditional and colorful competitors.

Each flavor is color coded with rich vibrant hues for strong shelf presence and SKU findability.

Alicia started her business at La Cocina, a nonprofit working to solve problems of equity in business ownership for women of color. Her successful catering business led her to move into a much larger production facility and inspired her to branch out into a retail line.