Founded by Chef Siska, Chilicali makes a line of wholesome,
locally-sourced cooking sauces that are inspired by traditional Indonesian “Bumbu Dasar” (Base Spices).


Introduce “Bumbu” to a new audience of modern, health-conscious consumers while honoring the traditional roots of the sauce.


Our simple, minimal design reinforces the simplicity of the ingredients and cuts through the clutter on shelf.

The bold flavor cues provide quick flavor recognition and keep the ingredients front and center.

The patterns on each ingredient come from Batik (a classic Indonesian fabric) and add a touch of tradition.

Dark, bold colors throughout the packaging and photography give the brand an authentic, premium look.

Chef Kim Alter went to great lengths to customize every detail of the dining experience. Bespoke ceramics, vintage one-of-a-kind glasses, customized menu cases—an evening at Nightbird/Linden room is like no other. Our photography explored the food, textures, and lighting to capture this magical atmosphere.