Branding / Photography

Soulfully Seasoned
The brand name was inspired by the founder’s daughter, her 11 cousins, and the many delicious family meals they enjoy together. Combining the idea of a large gathering expressed through the dozen utensils in the logo, the cultural references in the illustrations, and the hand crafted typeface achieved this authentic look. ADC won the Nexty award in it’s first year, and was featured in Forbes magazine.


We started by getting to know the family members. We represented each cousin through a spoon or a fork, large and small, and combined them with a custom, hand-drawn typeface. The end result was an approachable, friendly, and whimsical mark.

We looked to bright, vibrant colors to represent the cultural recipes in each flavor. Selecting a simple clay bowl, we let the product be the focal point.
Delicious, mouth-watering photography, combined with a hit of bold color give these packages a visual pop on the grocery aisle shelf.

We selected authentic Cuban, Mexican, Trinidadian tiles and props to use in our colorful photography. Envisioning a family meal in progress, our photography captured the sumptuous repast.