Branding / Photography

A Chic Setting for a Remarkable Meal
Nightbird is an elegant, boutique restaurant in the heart of San Francisco that offers a whimsical pre-fix dining experience. Next door is Linden Room, a speakeasy-style cocktail lounge with stylish and creative libations. Owner Chef Kim Alter came to us to help brand both establishments in a way that unifies the two yet still plays to their unique features.


We came up with a flexible and chic system to brand the bar and the restaurant. For Linden Room, a leaf, inspired by the linden tree that gives the bar its name. For Nightbird, an owl, to represent the buzzing nightlife at the restaurant. Combined, the bird on the linden branch represents the full service. We chose a simple line-art illustration style for both marks to capture the elegance and creativity in both establishments.

Chef Kim Alter went to great lengths to customize every detail of the dining experience. Bespoke ceramics, vintage one-of-a-kind glasses, customized menu cases—an evening at Nightbird/Linden room is like no other. Our photography explored the food, textures, and lighting to capture this magical atmosphere.

While Nightbird is lit by large windows and white walls that reflect the busy San Francisco street outside, Linden Room features dark blue vintage wallpapers for a moody, speakeasy atmosphere. Gold accents sparkle through both restaurant and bar to tie the two together. Night owl references are incorporated throughout the space, from bar details to the large owl door that welcomes guests.

A dynamic website provides a stylish web presence for the pair. We developed an easily navigable site that connects both locations: scrolling right brings customers into Nightbird, while left takes them to the Linden Room. Dark, masculine accent colors complement the bright, luscious photography of food and textures. Close-up shots of beautifully plated dishes give an enticing hint of a singular dining experience.