They take eggs very seriously on the St John Family Farm.
Each hen starts their day by having their eggs collected by hand and being fed a custom blend of non-GMO, vitamin-rich feed before being set free to explore, chase bugs outside, and snack on grass and clover.



Develop a naming and design strategy that sets St. John’s apart from the competition and celebrates their one-of-a-kind commitment to high-quality eggs.


We coined the term Outdoor Hens to separate St John’s from other farms that only let their chickens outside on occasion.

The design uses just a few well-spaced hens to symbolize the brand’s commitment to spacious and humane living conditions.

All of our photography is bright and sparse* to reinforce the free space hens are given to roam.

The chickens’ mobile living units are frequently moved to new sections of the pasture in order to give them access to the best grass. At the same time that St. Johns has been raising the bar on quality, the egg category has become crowded with dozens of brands that are doing the bare minimum required to use the term “pasture raised”.

A dynamic website provides a stylish web presence for the pair. We developed an easily navigable site that connects both locations: scrolling right brings customers into Nightbird, while left takes them to the Linden Room. Dark, masculine accent colors complement the bright, luscious photography of food and textures. Close-up shots of beautifully plated dishes give an enticing hint of a singular dining experience.