Branding / Strategy / Packaging / Photography

Choice Chocolates
A premium chocolate maker based in Berkeley, TCHO is best known for its close collaboration with cacao farmers and cooperatives to produce the highest quality beans. From single-serving chocolate bars to baking products, we were tasked to redesign their full line of offerings.

The Magic is in the Ingredients
The highest quality ingredients elevate TCHO above the competition, and in turn elevate everything made with their baking chocolate. We moved away from Guilloche patterns on the packaging to better highlight the mouth-watering chocolate with larger-than-life photography captured mid-action so that their use is quickly recognizable. The background pattern of cooking utensil illustrations and bright color fields make for easy identification on shelves. The simple chocolate discs were replaced with unique and ownable chocolate molds to give the brand a modern, memorable feel.

Raising the Bar
We developed unique photography to differentiate their single bite servings from the multi-serve chocolate bars. A stack of tempting, textured chocolate pieces represents the bars while a single unbroken piece depicts the bite-sized offering. For the single bite line, we developed an ownable chocolate mold that uses each letter of the brand mark, cropped dynamically.

Photo Opportunity
For the specialty line, we focused on appetizing and indulgent ingredient photography. From frothy coffee to brightly polished hot peppers, we featured the most unique ingredients in delectable shots. For the Tester’s Reserve line, a once-a-month addition, we developed collectible booklets that described the region of each chocolate’s origin.